be careful what you wish for, & lovely things from abroad

So after a flippant remark about wishing to play hooky, what showed up on my doorstep but a violent, merciless stomach flu. Four days later and while I am massively improved, I am still far from healthy. Of course the weather has maintained its beautiful streak, and a gorgeous spring weekend has passed me by mostly unnoticed. Be very careful what you wish for.

I can remember the last time I was sick like this; it was my first year after undergrad, and I had moved to a new city and into my very first sans-roommate apartment. Through most of this I felt brave and excited, but nothing can make you feel sorry for yourself like being terribly sick and completely alone.

Luckily for me, this time around I have the world's best husband tending to me, and oh what a difference it makes. And as if a marvelous husband were not enough, in the midst of my misery a box from Norway arrived - perfect timing to cheer me up.

The generous and talented of a butterfly in my hair has sent me some beautiful treasures.  A book, tea, herbs for baking bread, and coffee flavored chocolates. (Aren't they perfect in the blue bowl? They did not last there very long.) I am terribly excited about all of it and it lifted my spirits so very much.

The card is an image by artist Anu Tuominen, whose work I love. You have such good taste, lovely v!

And last, the most beautiful gift of all... 

Fingerless gloves in a thick, gorgeous wool and striking stitch pattern. They are handmade and perfect and I will treasure them for always. A thousand thanks to my sweet friend!

Could they be more beautiful?  I think not.

And now my darlings I am crawling back into bed. Stay healthy, all of you.


  1. yes, always be careful
    what you wish for ;^))
    i hope you will be well soon
    but i think you will
    after such a fine surprise!
    wonderful gifts of a
    wonderful person

    Patrice A.

    1. thank you dear patrice for such a wonderful
      description of me!!
      you always manage to bring me
      happiness through your written words : ))

      much love,

  2. oh no sweet friend,
    having stomach flu for so long..horrible!!
    takes time to recover from that.

    what a perfect timing on the parcel
    i am so so sooo happy to hear that you liked the gifts! it makes me very excited to know that : )
    i must admit that i am quite relieved to see and hear that the wrist warmers i made fitted your hands perfectly (hurray)...i wanted it to be a surprise so i didn't ask about your size : )

    yesterday i heard two flocks of greylag goose coming home after being away for winter. both times i weren't able to spot them on the sky but the lovely sound surely carries promises of a spring moving closer. there were also a feeling of "warmth" in the air yesterday, i almost couldn't believe it...one gets a little bit "hopeless" after longing for spring and then AGAIN getting so much snow as we did last week.
    fresh tulips on my table today (orange ones with a slightly hint of purple here and there). going to enjoy their refreshing company while making a version of a minestrone soup now. it is grey outside today, perfect weather for soup : )

    get well soon sweetest em,