The lovely vibeke asked me to post more of my ceramics; I have been meaning to, but it is very nice to have a reminder.  Luckily these little bowls just came out of the kiln this week. 

They are made from recycled clay, so I was hesitant about glazing them. I was daydreaming of something simple and rustic, but being unsure of the clay body I cannot predict the glazes so well. I am thrilled that they came out just as I was hoping - covered in little iron freckles. See?

 There are eight. So far my largest edition of anything. Maybe it is time to have a dinner party...


  1. thank you lovely elizabeth for showing us
    more of your ceramics : )
    they are simply beautiful!!!
    i love everything about them....the shape...the freckles...YES absolutely everything.

    when i saw these photos my first thought was that i felt the urge to hold one in my hands...i just KNOW that they feel just as wonderful as they look.

    how exciting it must have been for you while taking them out of the kiln to see the end result when using glaze on this recycled clay.....almost scary maybe?: )

    wishing you a lovely weekend.
    i am celebrating my birthday tomorrow (in advance because i have it in the middle of easter and then almost everybody is away on holiday). i am hugely looking forward to delicious homemade cakes and maybe (hope so) getting fresh flowers : )


  2. you are too kind. it is always a little scary for me, the glazing part, because there is so much unknown. it's a little black magic and a lot of hoping!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration! I hope you had buckets of flowers and mountains of cake :)


  3. oooh, they are so beautiful!
    is this "clear" glaze?
    i hope to see more of your ceramics too.

  4. these are beautiful!
    like vibeke
    i love everything
    the shape
    the color
    the freckles
    and the fact that you
    made them of recycle clay

  5. thank you both! the glaze is blue celadon, some of them have the rim dipped again in quigley's celadon, which shows only a very subtle color change. I am so looking forward to being back in the studio on Thursday...

  6. can one purchase your lovely ceramics? I notice you are nearby - or within 30 miles...lovely.

    1. Cate! I am so flattered. I don't sell my ceramics currently, but please email me - elizabethmcmurty (at) gmail (dot) com - I'd love to talk with you more :)