Remember this?

I worked for three almost uninterrupted hours last night, running stitches...

I tried to capture some of my progress in the dying light, to show you. Look at those lipstick red stitches. This is a rebel baby quilt.

The darling baby is three months old already. Three months today, to be exact. I believe I started work on this quilt almost a year ago now. A year. I am either the world's worst gift-giver... or the world's most dedicated.  Coin toss, I know.

But we are so close now I can almost taste it. The squares are puffing up in all their quilted glory; I like them so much better than when they were flat. Despite our initial misgivings we are growing to like each other, this quilt and I.

The binding will be that beautiful red, also.  Of course.

Hopefully more updates soon to come.  I am so excited to get you in the mail and on your way, little rebel.

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