progress: baby steps


I am a luddite.  This is an accepted fact in our house, and I tend to bear the title proudly.  I love books, abhor e-readers, write hand-written letters, refuse to have a smartphone, and daydream about things like, say, knitting my own sweaters.

However.  I concede that not really knowing how to set up your own blog - when what you really want and need to do this beautiful, international, craft-community networking thing, is, in fact, your own blog - is somewhat of a problem.  But here I am!  And it only took me several weeks to do.

Old postings can be found here.  It is yet undetermined if I can manage TWO internet presences.  I accept your challenge, internet.  You will defeat me but I will maintain oblivious, in happy denial til the end.

Happy first Tuesday on the blog.

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